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PropertiesAnswerRock Type/Extras
Glassy, Felsic-IntermediateIgneous/ Very Rapid Cooling
Sand-Sized grains, semi-rounded, somewhat immatureSedimentary/ Clastic
Grains var. larger sizes, rounded, poor sortedSedimentary/ Clastic
Porous/Vesicular,Intermediate-Mafic, DenseIgneous/ Rapid Cooling
Porous/Vesicular, Felsic-IntermediateIgneous/ Rapid Cooling
Very fine grained, well sorted and rounded,composed of tiny ballsSedimentary/ Calcite
Extremely fine-grained, greasy feel, powderySedimentary/ Biogenic
Grains too small to differentiate, conchoidal fracture, very hardSedimentary/ Chemical
Coarse grained, poorly sorted, shell fragments, angularSedimentary/ Biogenic, 'oatmeal'
Foliated/layered, fine grained (some sheen)Metamorphic/Aluminous
Foliated/layered, coarse grained, (intense sheen) Metamorphic/Aluminous
Foliated/layered, coarse grainedMetamorphic/Quartzo-Feldspatic
Porphyritic, IntermediateIgneous/ Two Cooling Rated
Very fine grained, well sorted and rounded, thin sheetsSedimentary/ Clastic
PropertiesAnswerRock Type/Extras
Coarse Grained (Phaneritic), MaficIgneous/Intrusive, Slow Cooling
Non-folitated, coarse-medium grainedMetamorphic/Calcareous
Grains of var. larger sizes, angular, poor sortedSedimentary/ Clastic
Porous/Vesicular,Intermediate-Mafic, Red/BrownIgneous/ Rapid Cooling
Coarse Grained (Phaneritic), IntermediateIgneous/Intrusive, Slow Cooling
Very fine grained (difficult to see), black, blockySedimentary/ Biogenic
Poorly Sorted, large fossils with fine grained matrixSedimentary/ Biogenic
Foliated/layered, fine grained (No to little Sheen)Metamorphic/Aluminous
Fine Grained (Aphanitic), MaficIgneous/ Extrusive, Rapid Cooling
Porphyritic, FelsicIgneous/Two Cooling Rates
Non-folitated, coarse-medium grainedMetamorphic/Quartz
Coarse Grained (Phaneritic), FelsicIgneous/Intrusive, Slow Cooling
Sand-sized grains, well rounded, well sortedSedimentary/ Clastic

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