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Can you name the minerals for your midterm?

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PropertiesAnswerDoes this help?
Cleavage (4), Hardness of 4, non-metallicColorless, purple, blue, green
crystal habit, scratches glasscan be rose, smokey, purple, etc.
Cleavage (1), Metallic, Iron Black to dark grayFeels Greasy, Leaves marks on paper
Cleavage in 1 direction (sheets), non-metallicgold/clear/transparent
Magnetic, fractureIron Black to dark gray
Cleavage (2) at 90°, non-metallic, Hardness- 6Striations on one of the two cleavage planes
Cleavage (3) at 90°, Non-Metallic, Hardness-2.5Tastes Salty
greasy to the touch, hardness of 1Feels greasy
12 sided, fractured, scratches glassreddish-brown, no streak
PropertiesAnswerDoes this help?
Salmon/Colorless/gray, Cleavage (2) at 90°Stubby Prismatic Crystals
Reaction to HCl, cleavage not at 90 degreesdouble refraction
Cleavage (3) at 90°, MetallicMedium to dark gray, Commonly in cubic shape
Red Streak, fracturereddish-brown
Conchoidal Fracture, Non-MetallicStubby crystals, granular mass, typically green
Elongate crystals, Cleavage (2) not 90°Generic Amphibole
Cleavage in 1 direction (sheets)brown/transparent, Hardness of 2.5-3
Cleavage (1), White to Colorless, Hardness- 2alabaster/sheetrock
Conchoidal Fracture, brassy/gold, Metallic'fools gold'

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