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What is the part of Freud's unconscious mind that contains all of your impulses and desires?
In which one of Freud's psychosexual stages do you get pleasure from potty training?
What did Adler believe a person did to overcome inferiority?
How many personality types did Horney believe there were?
What personality type is moving away from people?
Which psychologist believed in the humanist personality theory?
If a person has a congruent sense of self-concept to reality, he/she becomes a _________________
In which one of Erikson's crises/stages would your mom make you feel bad for going to school?
What Piaget stage of development is a person in if he/she can describe hypothetical concepts like love?
In what personality test do you look at pictures and make up a story about them?
What did Adler believe the basic motivating factor in a person's life was?
What is the test in which a person describes an ink blot?
Which one of Freud's psychosexual stages does a person tend to experience the Oedipal complex?
Which part of Freud's unconscious mind houses societal and cultural standards?
Carl Jung believed everything you experienced, thought of and forgotten was part of your ___________ unconscious.

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