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I find hope and it gives me rest
It makes me wonder if i'm ever gonna feel this way again
So get up and make it known, you never take a chance alone
All I know is that the fear has got to go
Maybe someday I will find someone
I'm not a wise man, but I've seen the haze
Don't go lookin' in my eyes tonight, don't go telling any lies tonight
The years go by, they're lighting up, she clicks her heels but she's still stuck
Here we go around again, you know it I know it. Don't try to pretend.
Maybe you can take a look at yourself lately.
When I'm making my movie baby, you keep saying all my lines.
I don't want to let you go after all that you've been to me.
Are you falling asleep at the wheel?
You sit there and wait, I look at you and anticipate.
Don't go, Don't go telling me your alright. There's no room to get uptight.
Well I think it's about time I start waiting for you.
You can hear him singing chariot swing low.
Something's been going on and I don't know what it is.
I can feel your in my mind, I could see it in your eyes under the moon as it plays.
Well I woke up this morning, and the night had been so long.
You go through all the pain and strife then you turn your back and it's gone so fast.
Well I've run out of patience for this sticky situation, you won't find me crying now that we're through.
If you let me try tonight, you just might see that I'm fallin'.
When you have no light to guide you and no one to walk beside you.
I've seen the main attraction, I've felt the moments passion.
But I sure do like the music.
He's been talking too long on his yellow walkie talkie.
You got me wrapped up in your cancer.
Waking up this morning thinking this can't be real.
Lovin' you like I never have before...
I've never been just longing for your loving. I've never been just wearing down to nothing.
She plays guitar with her fingertips, She'll play your heart with her tender lips.
Cause I know that you've been thinkin' bout it and I know they think you're out of your mind.
Somebody let me down, somebody show me love.
If I'm gone when you wake up, please don't cry.
You drove me crazy, but I don't know baby. You're thinking that it's me your fooling.
Dear Amy, see you in September. Hope that you remember me next year.
In this life long, love song. You can love right, you can love wrong.
The sky is falling all over again just another dis-conclusion, another disillusion.
I want you for always, I hear your name....

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