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Can you name the Tess of the d'Urbervilles?

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Name of the horse that died
Who did she seek to make good relations with in hopes of a marriage
What happened to Tess at The Slopes
Tess was embarassed to stay at home so where did she go after
Who did Tess fall in love with at Talbothay's
After their marriage what did Angel Clare do?
Where did Angel Clare go after leaving Tess?
Where did Tess go after Angel left her?
What did Tess refuse to spend and gave to her family instead
Who did Tess recieve a letter from asking her to come work with her?
Where do they work together?
After going home her family loses their house, who does Tess refuse to take money from until she decided they can no longer survive?
When Angel comes back what does Tess to do Alec?
Tess is found in a field, what happens?

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