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Rostov-on-Don, a Russian City, is located on the shores of the Sea of Azov on the delta of what river?
Regensburg was the capital of what empire?
Lake Kariba, a man-made lake caused by a damn, can be found along what African River?
Katanga is a region associated with what African Country?
Amman is the capital of what country?
Kinshasa and ________ are the two closest capitals in the world excluding the Vatican and Rome
What is the capital of Vietnam?
(True/False) Type the full word: Russia borders North Korea
What is the most populated city in Switzerland (using American key-board)
Hamburg, a German City, is located on what River?
Nantes is a French City located located on what river?
(True/False) Type the full word: Tunisia is considered in the Maghreb Region of Africa
Turin hosted the 2006 Olympic Games, in what country can you find Turin?
The Island of Zanzibar has hosted historical importance over the past few centuries, in what modern-day country can Zanzibar be found in?
The Kolyma river is located in what country?
Sevastopal' is a city located in what country?
Yukon Territory is a provincial territory of what country?
The Roman Province of Dacia, found above the Danube River, is now located in what country?
The Danube River runs through Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and what other capital city?
The Oder River divides Germany and what country?
The Mekong river runs through the capital of Cambodia and what other country?
The Oresund Bridge connects Dragor, Denmark to what Swedish city that happens to be the 3rd largest city in Sweden?
Port Said forms the main port of what canal?
In what continent can you find the Pampas region?
The Tagus river delta forms the natural harbor for what Iberian City?
Managua is a city located on Lake _______?
What Latin-American City is located at the confluence of the Paraguay and Pilcomayo river?
Morrocco was colonized by what European Colonial Power?
Bordaux is located on what river?
The Orinoco River is located in what country?

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