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QUIZ: Can you answer these name-related questions about the characters of BBC's Merlin?

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What is Arthur's last name?
What name do the druids call Merlin?
What is Arthur's mother's name?
His father's name?
What is Merlin's mother's name?
His father's name?
What is the name of the dragon that was imprisoned under Camelot Castle?
What is the name of the White Dragon?
What is Gwen short for?
What is Lancelot's last name?
Arthur's uncle who betrayed him to Morgana?
What does Merlin call himself when he's disguised as the old sorceror?
The name he used when he disguised himself as a female sorceror to help Gwen and Arthur?
What was the name of the knight who cheated in a tournament with a magic shield?
Which princess was Arthur going to marry after he became King?

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