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Can you name the Longest Yard Team?

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Position/QuestionName/AnswerNumber/Extra Info
Team NameRed/Black
Head Coach22
Assistant CoachNone
Team ManagerNone
Running Back23
Wide Receiver88
Left End97
D Tackle92
Middle Linebacker89
Outside LinebackerX
Position/QuestionName/AnswerNumber/Extra Info
Extreme Backup1
What was the trick play the team ran to score the final touchdown?From the old Nebraska playbook
What did the team do to confuse the guards to score the winning 2-point conversion?Not illegal
Who came up with the game winning play?None
Who were the 3 players that were more interested in hitting the guards than making a play?Brass knuckles, broken leg, threw into bench
What did Paul Crewe do to get the ref to call a fair game?First the right, then the left
What was the final score/winner?None
Who did Crewe give the game ball to?Warden thought he was escaping
Who dumped the gatorade on Warden at the end of the game?Orange
What NFL team's cheerleaders were at the game?Texas

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