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QUIZ: Can you name the LOST Hard Trivia Questions II?

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Which DHARMA station housed communication equipment?
The two characters other than Desmond that created the Swan blast door map.
Where does Ethan say he is from when asked by Hurley?
What is Walt's birthday?
Radzinsky killed himself with a shotgun to the head just like this other character who believed he was cursed...
Name one of Kate's alias'...
Whats are Jack's and Ana Lucia's plane seats on the Oceanic flight?
What two characters kill Nikki and Paulo by burying them alive?
Jacob 's real mother's name..
The other pair of characters who are unaware that they are related by having the same father...
Where did Jack make the incision on Ben in order to free Kate and Sawyer?
Who does Naomi talk to on the satellite phone just before she dies?

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