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What kind of sandwich does Goodwin offer Juliet and Ben while they discuss pregnancy in the island?
Who built Jacob's cabin?
The only two main castaways that lived in Sydney...
How long did it take the polar bears to get their fish biscuit, according to Tom?
What is the condition that Jack diagnoses Sawyer with when he is experiencing headaches?
What's Ana Lucia's favorite drink?
One of the two characters that speak fluent Korean, besides the obvious...
The name of the man who abducted Miles before he left for the island, he also works with Ilana and Jacob...
What name is written next to the number 16 in The Man in Black's cave?
What does Charlie's tattoo on his left shoulder say? 'Living is easy with _______.'
What is the first English sentence spoken by Jin?
Which character made their first appearance and was killed later in the same episode?
What was the compass bearing that Ben instructed Michael to follow?

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