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'You keep telling yourself what you know. But what do you believe? ______________' (4)Mal
'I know how to search your mind and find your secrets, __________' (4)Cobb
'Five minutes in the real world gives you __________' (5)Arthur
'No it's perfectly possible, it's ______________' (3)Eames
'The only way to know you've done the job, _____________' (7)Saito
Cobb: 'Ah, there's no use threatening him in a dream right Mal' Mal:__________ (6)Mal
'An elegant solution for _____________' (4)Ariadne
The vultures are circling, the sicker Maurice Fischer becomes, ___________' (6)Eames
Cobb: 'Thank you' Ariadne: 'For what? Cobb:________ (6)Cobb
'Just raw infinite subconcious, _____________' (4)Arthur
Arthur: 'You trusted him! What, did he promise you half his share?' Yusuf: 'No, _________' (3)Yusuf
'No, I'll come back, and we'll be __________' (4)Saito
'The truth that any minute, you might bring a ______________' (5)Ariadne

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