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Forced Order
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'The only one that can do what I do is me. Lot of people had to die for me to be me. You wanna be me?'
'Blow me, all right? But not literally, though. Unfortunately, there's no promotion involved for you.'
'Why is the last patient of the day always the hardest?'
'We have a question: Do you want to be a cop, or do you want to appear to be a cop?'
'I want any and all ideas so I can pass them off as my own. Work hard, you'll rise fast. You're in the best possible position in the department. Let's go to work.'
'I mean, a guy comes in here against every, every instinct of privacy and self-reliane he has and what do do you do, huh? You send him off on the street to score smack, is that wha
'You gotta trust me. Alright, just trust me Frank. Hey, it involves lying and I'm pretty good at that. Right?'
'Well, I'm the guy that tells you there are guys you can hit and there's guys you can't.'
'I spent all night dragging the poor bastard in there. Tell me how they found him so fast?'
'So she tells me, 'You never finish anything. You finish the police course, you get taken care of again, baby'.'
'You're ignoring us. You're a cop. We're guessing who cops are. Most good looking women are cops.'
'Are you sure it's me or all that talk about whiffin and crawlin up asses?'
If he was killed he probably did something wrong
'He says. Costello says. God says, as far as you're concerned.'
'What are you looking at? Forget it. Your father was a janitor, and his son's only a cop.'

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