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s2; minor quarrel
d3; state of being half-naked
i4; deep-rooted, habitual
i4; excessively demanding
s3; wine steward
p3; arousing sexual desire
l3; lustful, licentious
s4; dishonest behavior
u2; genuine
p1; to stimulate OR to arouse resentment
r2; to pay off a debt
o4; domineering and arrogant OR decisively important
s2; wooden enclosure/barrier for defense
g4; foul-smelling
s1; to drink greedily
r3; cowardly, disloyal
s1; shed snakeskin OR sticky situation
c4; speediness, swiftness of movement
s4; deeply concerned OR very eager
v3; forgivable
p5; hypocritical, of or pertaining to the Pharisees
s2; descendant OR detached plant shoot used in grafting
d1; funeral song
i4; unconcerned, carefree
w2; crafty
r2; to ransack, to search thoroughly
b2; scoundrel
l3; to pay off
s3; begging
l4; nocturnal study or labor
r4; returning something to the rightful owner, indemnification
r4; severe disapproval
c3; supplement to a will
a3; upstart, one who has recently become wealthy
p3; ancestry, family tree
q3; suggesting puzzlement (as in a facial expression)
l7; broadminded, tolerant
s3; to murmur, to whisper
p2; to pose, to act artificially
l3; woody, resembling wood
o4; strong rebuke
b3; unrefined, rustic
g1; to complain
h1; to surround
s2; to aid OR assistance during hardship
t2; to be revealed, to prove to be the case, to happen
i5; incapable of being undone
l3; to pulverize
l1; to lounge about, to loiter
f3; to make false (as to deceive)
w2; to beat around the bush
t2; shaving of the head
s1; to lash, to whip
l2; written defamatory remarks
p3; uprightness of character
l3; offensively salacious
h5; worship of the sun
p1; vertical
h3; airtight OR occult
v3; monk or nun, person bound by religious vows
o3; hate, detestation
i3; fearless
p2; to offer up for acceptance
c3; story set to music to be sung by a choir
o3; idle, useless
i2; to charge or attribute, esp. with a fault
p2; mosaic wood flooring
r2; one who harvests grain
n2; to irritate
w2; overcrowded living space, rabbit's home
c4; meeting for discussion
e4; explanation of a passage
m4; generous, magnanimous
e2; horse-like
r3; obscure, cryptic, esoteric
h4; priestly
o2; waste, garbage
s2; metallic ornament worn on clothing
p4; treacherous
s4; state of numbness or confusion
v2; food
c1; worthless product
p2; abstract, concise summary
e5; praising
t2; to strangle OR to control with a throttle
s4; lawyer in the lower court
c3; in agreement, harmonious
m4; collection of wild animals on exhibition
s4; opportune, timely
p2; symbol of immortality or rebirth
p4; attractive
d2; to plunder
c4; bad pronunciation
e3; pertaining to summer
p2; to cater, to furnish
m5; pearly, iridescent
m2; foolish idea
j2; tired, wearied
p4; proximity
b3; dull, boring
v2; boasted
m2; to speak evil of
c4; bad habit
d3; to digress
e4; boiling, bubbling; emotional outburst
a2; birdwatcher
c4; dim, pertaining to twilight
d1; idle person
o3; tall, tapering column
b3; rural, rustic
p3; thick-skinned animal
a1; to mimic
l3; engraving made in stone
s3; growing old
h3; stupidity, dullness of mind
i2; to oppose in words
o4; shameful
r2; recompense
a4; absolutely certain
t4; mosaic
u2; final outcome
g2; zest, enthusiasm
b4; pertaining to brevity in speech
m2; powerful person
r2; to fret, to whine
f2; disgustingly excessive OR comprehensive
s3; paradise
s3; tomb
d2; teacher, guide, instructor
s1; to stop or check
t3; court of justice
s2; to snivel, to sniffle
a5; unpredictable, depending on luck
c1; unrefined
a4; modest
t4; boldness, nerve
k1; tolling of bells
h3; selfless OR visionary
m2; affectedly dainty
p4; disputatious
p3; to practice law unscrupulously
i3; poor, destitute
t2; to deprive of freedom of action
g1; to mock, to make jeering remarks
a3; sun's corona
s4; of or pertaining to the stars
p4; part of stage in front of curtain
r1; slanted angle OR immoral person
s4; of or pertaining to tailors
a2; to cite as evidence
c4; shimmering, sparkling
h2; obstinate
q2; to raise minor objections
w1; to sharpen, to stimulate
j1; to harmonize
s5; occurring later or extraneously
a4; pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
f2; brawl
w1; to inflict
m2; bitingly sarcastic
i4; trusting and naïve
t1; secret meeting between lovers
v7; unduly concerned for one's health
r2; marked by vulgar, lewd humor
s3; subordinate

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