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s2; to comprise, to include
i4; to insert between
p3; pertaining to the art of debate
u4; incessant, relentless
h2; to argue about prices
b2; confused, bewildered, lost in thought
j3; to throw overboard
p3; direct vote by entire population
d4; to uproot, to eradicate
r3; daydream
f1; to frolic
c3; to pulverize
x5; love of foreigners or foreign things
p4; imperative
i3; narrow space between two things
s1; to stamp out
c4; herald's wand, symbol of healing
p2; to claim to be OR the gist or purpose
o3; funeral ceremony
b2; to bewilder, to confuse
t2; cutting deeply, incisive
e2; to avoid
e3; derogatory nickname
p1; to talk idly or foolishly
s2; loyal and hardworking
t3; depravity, corruption
i4; too awesome to be expressed in words
r2; resorting to help when in trouble
w2; to carve from wood by cutting off small slices
m3; loyal follower
s2; yellow and sickly looking (of the skin)
s1; trim, dapper
w2; to swindle
e3; talkative
p2; to examine by touch
s2; criticism
p3; light and slightly contemptuous banter
s6; extra thing or person, extraneous
r4; renewal, revival
l4; lecherous, lustful, licentious
c4; bad speech
p3; green rust on bronze or copper
t3; twisting OR circuitous in speech OR morally crooked
e3; a Christian hermit or recluse
r4; rascal
s4; sleep-inducing
w1; young animal
s3; pithy, aphoristic
c2; to delegate, to entrust OR to devote
p3; spending money wastefully
g2; boisterous laughter
c2; private political meeting to decide officers
m4; spotted
s4; the act of ruining or destroying something
t3; ferocity
d3; file on a subject or person
g2; small cavern
f2; to waste away
p4; a mean, tricky lawyer
h4; weekly
u3; unaccustomed, unusual
l4; facial characteristics
r3; animal that chews
s2; unscrupulous lawyer
c3; intellectual discussion
s1; to bandage
c3; to tolerate, to support
p4; tenacious
t4; sleight of hand
s4; of or pertaining to a statute
l2; embankment to prevent flooding
p3; artificial device to replace body parts
s2; slovenly, untidy
p4; condom, something used to prevent disease
l5; long-suffering patience
c6; bad economy OR bad management
v2; crafty, like a fox
l1; deposit of metal
p2; pale
t2; to offer; money
i3; to win over with deceitful talk
b3; lawyer in the higher court
k1; untrustworthy person
r2; stylish, sporty OR dissolute
c4; to slander
i2; annoying
r2; negligent
p1; exceedingly proper
r4; arrogant boasting
w2; charming
e3; to remove offensive material from text
w2; malicious and unjustifiable OR lewd, loose
t2; scroching
i2; to imprison
r2; to repay, to reciprocate
n4; worthless, futile
s3; dusky, somber, gloomy
s2; to complain tearfully, to run at the nose
i4; wicked
h1; husk OR body frame of a ship
m5; legal delay of payment/action
p2; to immobilize by binding the wings or legs
t1; violent anguish
d3; to express disapproval of
l2; spotlight
m3; foul-smelling
n4; wicked
o3; authoritative order
c3; pupa of butterfly OR undeveloped state
m2; excessively sentimental, mawkish
s3; to make a shrill sound
s1; detective
o2; egg-shaped
a2; attached but holding an inferior position
p4; ostracism
o3; hateful, arousing strong dislike
d2; dirty
u6; completely acceptable
p5; magician who specializes in sleight of hand
p3; upstart, someone who has suddenly become wealthy
y2; uneducated countrymen
a2; favorable sign
c1; to split OR to cling to OR to remain faithful
s4; worldly, mundane, secular
p3; supposed, reputed
t5; abstinence from alcohol
e2; territory enclosed within a foreign land
r3; dissolute person
s4; gross grammatical error
r2; gorge, narrow steep-sloped valley
m3; to work against
l2; legal claim on property
p3; fodder, livestock food
r3; list of works of music able to be played
m3; small amount
i5; unalterable, unpersuasible
f1; spot or mark
a2; majestic
n3; pearly, iridescent
e3; to clear from blame
u3; illegally lending of money at high rates
i3; poverty
p4; study of languages
p2; narrow-minded
t2; nervous laugh
a4; spurious, doubtfully true but widely accepted
q2; traitor
f4; sooty, smoky
v5; appearing to be true
v2; dull, unimaginative
w2; headstrong, obstinate
s3; whisper, murmur
c2; false rumor
o4; study of proper pronunciation
p4; loving music
e2; to force or push out
s2; to draw or paint with dots
m5; varied
l2; sluggish
s3; gloomy, hellish
a4; yearly allowance
u5; unattractive
f3; breakable
g4; to change voting district to favor a political party

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