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h2; rough and bristly
a3; religious recluse
i3; rebel
u3; violent, uncontrolled
p2; to travel about selling
p4; great power or quantity
q2; recompense, discharge from a debt
r4; a person in ragged clothing
i4; mutually destructive
m2; to put in order, to guide to the right place
l2; separated body of water near the sea
s2; sword sheath
g1; nerve OR to annoy
i2; to denounce or attack with words
w2; to wallow, to lie soaked
w2; to sift
t3; biased
r2; to enjoy greatly OR a condiment added for flavor
r4; formal demand
r3; reestablishment of friendly relations
v2; thin surface layer
p4; using more words than necessary
p3; versatile OR shapeshifting
s3; to pus, to fester
s3; irritable, peevish
p3; harmful, injurious, destructive
e5; scarcity
m3; combative, bellicose
e3; to please intensely
e3; having characteristics of both sexes
s3; winding, curvy
o4; having normal or correct vision
d1; to divine
n2; neatly dressed
u2; ointment
w1; small amount
e4; laudable, praiseworthy
t1; betrothal, engagement
a3; to abolish
q1; to cower
o3; slanderous remark
t2; shabby and tattered
c4; stubborn and disobedient
t2; strenuous work
r2; meal
r2; repeated passage in music
e3; pithy inscription on a coin, statue, building, etc.
m4; solid and uniform OR unyielding
f1; brawl
s1; to rebuff, to snub
s1; scolding woman OR mouse-like animal
b2; humorous in a sexual/indecent way
o4; iridescent, rainbow-colored
p2; soothing cream
p3; uncultured, narrow-minded
p2; cheap bed made of straw
t5; desertion OR equivocation
s3; arousing sexual desire, lustful
q1; to subdue or suppress completely
a4; renunciation
i4; rash, acting without thinking
e3; to enrapture, to practice sorcery on
e4; noxious odor
o3; to kiss
p3; wooden frame used for humiliation
o2; to close, to obstruct
a2; open and honest
t2; to dawdle
s2; coolness of temper, equanimity
v4; act of saying farewell
l2; suspicious, wary, cautious
p2; tender sorrow
c3; rotting flesh
l3; sexually unrestrained, lustful, lascivious
s2; to sink by cutting holes
i4; hostile, harmful
i5; unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable
p4; headland, cliff
s2; dark, gloomy
d3; of or pertaining to the people
p3; form of government
p2; potent, powerful
g2; smooth and bald
k1; range of knowledge
s2; law enacted by legislature
i3; indifferent, apathetic
i3; temporary invasion
n2; quack medicine
e4; suitable for the general public
r2; raised platform for speaking
n4; wandering at night
i4; call for help
a2; in a state of rage
t3; to pulverize
s6; the performance of more work than duty requires
e3; to ornament richly
c4; bad writing
s2; dark-skinned
p2; touching, emotionally moving
c3; unexpected, unfortunate event
u3; unaware, unintentional
y1; to unite
b1; to spread the word
s2; habitually unscrupulous person
e3; to denounce vehemently
e3; to uproot, to destroy
p4; after dinner
t2; swollen
c3; passageway for fluid
m1; to think, to meditate on
s3; to wound the feelings of, to criticize
c2; reservoir
s2; frugal person
a4; pastoral
s2; to abet to act unlawfully
c4; wrong opinion
c5; rude, insulting
v4; highly skilled artist
r3; good-humored teasing
l2; crystal clear
g1; rough-mannered
b3; abusively filthy language
q3; complaining, whining
p3; extreme poverty OR stinginess
f2; bootlicking
o2; hysterical, extremely agitated or excited
m2; letter, written statement
g1; to fill to excess
s3; producing a shrill sound
u2; bear-like
t2; rushing stream
s1; artificial channel for water
s1; person's allotted work OR limited supply
p1; boldly rude OR stylish
b2; tawny, grayish with streaks or spots
r3; abstruse, esoteric
c3; to chuckle
b2; to lament
j2; yellowed (as from disease) OR prejudiced
i4; boldly disrespectful
f3; metal ornament
s1; fish net
b2; barrier OR overwhelming profusion
r3; aggressively greedy, ravenous
h2; hairs on the back of the neck
c4; having similar tastes or interests, agreeable
x5; inordinate attachment to anything or anyone foreign
u3; shady, gloomy, overshadowed
r3; to go backwards OR to deteriorate
q3; tranquility
p4; absolute skepticism
s2; calculated and deliberate
i3; having made no valid will
s1; fusillade, simultaneous occurrence of similar events
t5; daring, rash
w1; pale
s3; meticulously hardworking
s1; to quench
l2; understatement (e.g., not bad=good)
p3; of the common people, vulgar
p3; elaborately complex
h2; to deceive, to cheat
t2; to drink frequently
d2; small boat
l2; pleasing to the taste or smell

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