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Can you name the two movies whose plots have been merged together ?

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A brilliant/depressed man suffers from insomnia and schizophrenia and begins to imagine people including a soap creator, a roommate and a US DOD Agent1999 and 2001
A young boy ends up being 'king' (or prince) after defeating his evil uncle with the help of a bird as well as an evil sorcerer with the help of a rug1994 and 1992
A man leads his army to defeat the Persian armies as well as the English ones - commanding a startling army of Spartans and Scots1995 and 2007
A man must defeat the Joker as well as the Green Goblin in order to save his city2008 and 2002
The main characters must journey around the moon safely on a monumental journey while drilling a hole in an asteroid and saving the earth1998 and 1995
A corporation harvests screams for energy and tries to remove indigenous peoples from their 'tree' and harvest unobtanium2009 and 2001
The main character is sent back in time to protect the life of Mr. Connor and in the meantime he must get his parents to kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance1984 and 1985
The main characters must journey far and wide to destroy a dangerous ring as well as get tons of burgers to satisfy their 'highs'2001 and 2004
The main characters go to Las Vegas and forget one of their friends at the top of Caesar's Palace while doing countless hard drugs in the meantime2009 and 1998
Aliens come to earth and protect humans from other aliens trying to take the cube while the humans send a navy seal and a scientist into space and place a nuke in their mothership2007 and 1996
A man must overcome his disabilities and figure out how to count cards to help his brother while meeting the president, playing ping pong and serving in Vietnam1994 and 1988
An English secret agent must fight bad guys and sleep with beautiful women while having brutal yellow teeth and big square black glasses1962 (first one) 1997
A group of kids must go to school to learn magic but end up spending a Saturday in detention and learn a lot about life and eachother2001 and 1985
The protagonists enter into a 'game' against their will and they suffer through horrendous deaths and tortures while they're chased by a hunter and one of them turns into a monkey1995 and 2004
Two 'brothers' must learn to cope with living together while creating 'Prestige Worldwide' and killing infamous mobsters and bad guys all over town1999 and 2008

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