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Eating, Exercise, Sex, Symptoms
Controls Thinking, Planning, Decision-Making,Problem Solving, Movement
A group of subjects w/ a common defining characteristic(usually age)
Division of NS that controls relaxation. Aids digestion,energy storage,elimination. Uses acetylcholine.
Memory Formation, Emotion
What's safe vs. What's risky
Master Regulatory structure, biological clock, motivation
A non-specific response of the body to any demand made upon it
Vital Involuntary Functions(Breathing, HR, Urination, Orgasm)
Caused by stressors that motivate & result in improved performance
Balance, Coordination, Fine Muscle Movement
Study of causes,distribution & control of diseases in poopulation
Mood, Feeling, Instinct, Fear
Division of NS that's activated during arousal/emergency situations. Uses Norepenephrine & epinephrine. Activates sweat glands,blood vessels, muscles
The process of priming the body to remember an encounter w/ a specific antigen
System which helps body prepare to respond to a stressor
Excitatory neurotransmitter
Introduction of a killed or weakened pathogen to stimulate the body to produce antibodies
Increases blood pressure in chronic stress
Negative Stress created by stressors that deplete energy & result in impaired performance

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