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What is Leslies favorite food?
What is the name of the “High-End Kahlua-Style Liquer” Tom creates and sells at the nightclub he is a part owner of?
What Political Party does Ron belong to?
What is the name of Andy’s band?
What real life R&B singer is Donna’s cousin?
Where was Leslie actually born?
What is Ron’s middle name?
What is the name of Chris’s therapist?
In which Country is Pawnee’s “sister city” located?
What is Jerry’s real birth name?
To Andy’s displeasure, what is the name of April’s favorite band?
What was the name of Ron’s favorite beverage? (Hint: He like it ‘neat’)
Where is Ben Wyatt from?
Fill in the black: “There’s no better solution for a hot-button issue than a good old-fashioned ____.”
What is the name of Howard Tuttleman’s radio personality?
What does Ann do for a living?
What is Donna’s most prized possession that she loves more than anyone or anything?
Which famous athlete does Ron copy by wearing a red polo shirt and black pants after a night of lovemaking?
What homemade item unveiled at the engagement party does Leslie believe will make Ben’s parents stop hating each other and bring their families together?
What is the name of the gay bar in Pawnee?
What is the name of Andy’s FBI Agent alter-ego?
What position does Chris hold in the Indiana state government when he is initially sent to Pawnee?
Leslie discovers Ron’s favorite flavor of Baskin-Robbins ice cream is what?
What is the name of the Halloween movie that Donna live tweets? (Full Name Needed)
In what state was Tom Haverford born?
What was the name of the winter sports complex that ended Ben’s short stint as mayor of his hometown?
What was Councilman Jeremy Jamm’s day job?
What ancient form of meditation and exercise does Ron classify as a “mental illness?”
What was the name of Donna’s hairdresser that later became Ron’s barber as well?
What is the name of the online dating website Leslie matches with Tom?
What Pawnee nightclub does Tom briefly become a part owner of?
What nickname do April’s parents call her?
In “Practice Date” (S2, EP 4) what information does Mark Brendanawicz reveal about Jerry that he did not know about his own life?
What is the name of the three-legged dog Andy and April adopt?
Annabel Porter is the CEO of which popular trends app?
What does Leslie call the day where she gathers all her female friends to celebrate women?
What is the name of Ron’s musically talented alter-ego that “makes mature women swoon when he plays”?
What is the name of the boardgame Ben creates during his time off after being fired from Sweetums?
What brand of vehicle did Jean-Ralphio get run over by and make a large sum of money?
What word does Chris repeatedly say throughout the show with extra emphasis?
What is the name of Tom’s high-end teen clothing rental store?
Where did Ann and Leslie first meet?
What two brands of candy make up “Andy’s mouth surprise?”
What county in Indiana is Pawnee located?
Who sent an inappropriate picture to all female city hall employees and was also the pie-throwing culprit during Leslie’s city council campaign?
What is Andy’s job at City Hall in the early seasons of the show?
Where does Jerry love to vacation and have a timeshare?
April made up her own college degree. What is the name of this degree?
What crafts activity does Leslie do to commemorate important days or events with her friends/loved ones?
After Ben resigns from his job at City Hall, what type of film does he make while unemployed? (Hint: he compares his work to Avatar)
What notable fictional detective does Chris dress up as for Halloween and annoyingly portray?
What is the name of Pawnee’s first and only entertainment media conglomerate started by Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio?
What is the name of the adult film star that believes she and Leslie are friends and share a common bond in their beliefs?
What players jersey did Andy wear at his wedding with April?
What instrument does Ron’s musically talented alter-ego play?
What was the name of the inappropriate mascot for Pawnee Central High School that was later changed? (Hint: Wildly insensitive towards Native Americans)
What former German NBA All-Star and Indiana Pacer appeared as himself in three episodes of the show?
What is the name of the Cologne Tom Pitches to Dennis Feinstein?
What name does Ron’s mother, first wife and second wife all share?
What does Andy name the Lil’ Sebastian tribute song he writes for the memorial?
What Italian food item is Ben obsessed with even though no one in Pawnee feels the same way?
What is the name of Donna’s Realtor Firm?
What was Leslies first act as a city councilwoman? (HINT: the goal was to try and reduce the high rate of obesity in Pawnee)
What former real-life supermodel plays Jerry’s wife Gayle?
Who is Andy’s best man at his wedding?
What is the name of April’s sister?
In season 4, Chris dates a woman named Millicent. Who is Millicent’s father?
What job does Ann take a city hall?
What book does Kelly (portrayed by Will Forte) insist be put into Pawnee’s time capsule?
What is unique about Jerry’s Birthday?
What is the name of the reunited band that headlines the Unity Concert?
The Reasonabilits are members of a Pawnee based cult who worship Zorp the Surveyor. What was the name of Lou Prozotovich’s book that “The Reasonabilits” worship and follow?
What is the name of the fictious, and expensive holiday Tom and Donna celebrate annually?
At what age was Ben elected mayor of his hometown?
Most people use the word “friends” to describe those they are close with. What phrase does Ron prefer to use instead of “friends?”
What is Andy’s nickname for Ann when they dated?
What is the name of April’s Venezuelan boyfriend?
What nerdy nickname does Ben call his calculator?
What was Jeremy Jamm’s signature catch phrase?
What boardgame does Ben claim he’s “nationally ranked” at and decide to play with the guys from work at his bachelor party?
Who is the female empowerment award that Leslie covets named after?
What American University did Li'l Sebastian have an honorary degree from?
What city do Ann and Chris move when they leave Pawnee to start their family?
What is the name of the gameshow Tom creates (or rips-off of the Newlywed Game)?
What is the name of Ron’s son?
Who does Ben have an irrational fear of?
Where does Chris get a job when he and Ann leave Pawnee to start their family?
What does Ron give to all of his co-workers as a Christmas gift?
What does Andy say to April after she says, “I love you” for the first time?
What is the name of the “classy, new-world Italian Restaurant” Tom opens and runs?
In season 1, what happened to Andy when he fell into the pit?
What is the name of the fast food burger chain that often causes Leslie trouble?
In “Road Trip”, Leslie and Ben go on a road trip alone to Indianapolis to pitch Pawnee for the location of what annual Indian event?
Ron Swanson is a man of many talents. What expert crafting skill does he display throughout the show and even win a statewide award for?
What college course does Andy decide to take after Ron offers to pay for his education?
What is the name of the Calzone based restaurant chain Ben makes up?
Derry Murbles is the host of what public radio show on WVYS?
Who says to Ben, “Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.”?
Jeremy Jamm expresses his obsession with which culture by his interior decorating, his diet and his interest in women?
What was the real reason behind Tom and Wendy’s marriage?
Where did Ron’s second wife, “Tammy 2”, work in Pawnee?
What was the name of April’s gothic friend that would randomly show up and creep everyone out?
What is the name of Jean-Ralphio’s twin sister?
The Langman’s are a married conservative activist couple. What are the first names of Pawnee’s self-appointed “morality watchdogs?”
Who won the Pawnee Beauty Pageant that Tom and Leslie judged in Season 2? (First or last name)
According to Leslie, which animal hair is the best hair for binder security?
There are two main manufacturing businesses located in Pawnee. One of them is the candy manufacturer, Sweetums. What is the other business?
Leslie has a huge crush on what real life male politician?
Pete Disellio clinched a comeback victory for Pawnee Central over Eagleton High with his last-second dunk and became a local hero. What is Pete Disellio’s nickname in the show?
Who is “flush with cash” after their grandfather passes away?
The talk show “Pawnee Today” is hosted by which “first-rate newswoman”?
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