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Can you solve these really tricky vintage London Underground clues?

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ClueStation (A-L)Explanation
Municipally funded entertainment
Stopped hinges from squeaking
After her, this would signal a gap in the iron curtain
Dragged 'ag
Mountain is a heavyweight
Impostor's confession
Own Scottish colloid
Roguish manner
River's wood
What'll cause fires?
Free cakes
Odd characters in brawls hoax me
One says 'yes' while another listens
Who can make dolls?
The front of a dog
Joint's seized
Green cloth to irrigate
Signal an actor
Beautiful girl's eyes come to rest
Elizabeth and the others are envious
They cook in Jamaica
Boycott bridleway
This is on James
Cooker makes this into an Australian bird
Mass catering
What does bunker do?
Nash took the oars
What does Maggie make?
Building blocks rotate
Cooking opple, by diddley!
Cheer her picture
Incinerate woman's hat
Scot was a jockey
Mayor might be found in this hall
The Reverend's in the chair
Where to leave artillery
Statesman and bishop
Hard ground to cultivate
A dodgy character, Ms. Strich
Scorching religious symbol
Guevara's joint
Greek cross grand borehole
See his string stop
Tedious job away from the wind
Imprison actor that's vulgar
Applaud 'em on the way to Scotland
Social disease of amateur heading for Africa
Bird found in tubes
Pass in valley
Who'd want to work underground?
Where to see KLM pilot, lorry drivers or Spanish hairdresser
Old cars' shelter
After cuttin' off their dangly bits, relaxt
Knife the miners, Prime-Minister- fashion
She comes out with Mr. Thatcher
Girl's toy is hailing
Repertory here is abolishing theatreland
Open space where medicinal erbs grow
Lord Lucan's captured
Vowels appended
Full China jacket
How northbound fish feels when passing to left of iceberg
It may be found in chow mein
Direction to do this on hassock
Hem garments
Line the A10
A Spanish princess has been corrupted
The Spanish representative with a vessel
Measure that was intended by lender
Saint here would be walking
Consume a large quantity
You astound old fogey
A reasonable cut
Long distance call to a grandee
Where a jilted lover waited in vain
Birdmeadow Street
Scandinavians cover open space
Overfed pig needs wide road
Gee, a termites' nest
Painted away
Meir's inexperienced
Expensive prostitute exulted
Approved semiconductor before soap
Lightweight she-ferret
Large harbour gets special favour
Place for putting prefect
For motorists, it's go-stop
Soldiers' cheese
A province of Belgium
Nails a lie
Overacts with Edward
Execute Ms. Paige
See, this was a dance craze
Terrify and brandish weight
Cultivate high ground
The burden borne by Derek
Musician with tonal series before final quartet
He has a chance with computer hardware and software
Poultry professor in the middle
Smelly hair
Tall Chuck helps me to throw a heavyweight
Where to shop for a board game
Professor of medicine
Weed a brook
Low place of recreation
Empty two streets
Goldie's place of worship
Dogs go 'moo' in the middle
Pester the dilatory Orient
Basset's nearest the ground
Conceal an angle in the railings
I see Kenneth with meat
Knowing fashion
Livingstone's looking sick
Kenneth to celebrate car cover with loppy lug
Harriet's ham sandwich ordeal
County cricket side
Traffic jam on a side-road
Murder Bernard
Swiss herbicide might do this
Monarchs annoy martyr
Ex-princes do their filial duty
The last trump is at daybreak
Boy to endure wood
Hit Liz all the way to Scotland
Gaunt way of walking
Bishop went by horse
Fewer need bribing
Do this with a trowel
Tony from the orient
The way to the organ bank
Writer and composer
Lager drinker performing

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