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What is a type of solid waste produced by homes and workplace?
What is a form of recycling that mimics nature's recyling of nutrients?
What is it called where solid wastes are spread out in a thin layers, compacted, and covered daily?
What is an approach that produces much less air and water pollution and costs less to implement than MRFs?
What is a type of waste produced by mines, farms, industries, that supply people with goods and services?
What is using natural or gentically engineered plants to absorb, filter, and remove contaniments from polluted soil and water?
What are fields or holes in the ground where garbage is deposited?
What is relying more on items that we can use repeatedly?
What are organic molecules made by chemically linking organic chemicals produced mostly from oil and natural gas?
What is an ideal whereby every person is entitled to protection from enviromental hazards?
What is waste that can be hazardouse and dangerous?
What is it called when we produce less waste and pollution, and the wastes we do produce are considered to be potential resources that we can reuse, recycle, or compost?
What is it when we attempt to control wastes in ways that reduce their enviromental harm without seriously trying to reduce amount of waste produced?
What is a type of sugar made from cornstarch?
What is a type of recycling where waste materials are converted into different products?
What is a type of recycling where materials such as aluminum cans are recycled into new products of the same type?
What is seperating and recycling paper, glass, cans, plastics, metal, and other items, and buy products made from recycled materials?
What consists of large polymers?
What is consuming less and living a simpler lifestyle?:)
What is any unwanted or discarded material we produce that is not a liquid or a gas?
What are plants that help clean up eniviroments by absorbing pollution?

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