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Can you answer the trivia questions relating to Amazing World of Gumball?

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What city does Gumball live in?
Who does Gumball have a crush on?
What did Darwin used to be?
Who is the smartest Watterson?
What kind of an artist is Nicole?
In which year did Richard become 'Laziest Person in Elmore'?
What is Gumball's middle name?
How far away is the Sun?
What is Gumball's favorite video game?
Name one part of Darwin's full name, other than Darwin or Watterson.
What animal is most similar to Tobias in skills?
Is Tobias strong or weak?
What is the most popular game show in Elmore?
What is Anais's favorite toy?
What does Banana Joe wear his peel like
What is Banana Joe good at?
What is Banana Joe's most prized possession?
What species is Penny?
What is Penny allergic to?
What occupation does Penny have?
How many times has Mr. Cuddles attacked Gumball?
Is Richard dumb or smart?
When does Richard drool most?
Who is Richard's favorite child?
Out of Tobias, Banana Joe, Penny, Carmen, and Carrie, who is smartest?
Who does Carmen have a crush on?
What is Carrie's last name?
What does Nicole call her breaking point?
Name one of the numbers Darwin knows.
What is Elmore's population?

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