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Can you name the words and phrases with 'lock' or 'key' in them?

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HintLock/Key Phrase
Citrusy desert from Florida
One way to quit smoking
Porridge sampler of lore
Nickname for Benjamin Franklin Pierce
Character featured in Fantasia
Creator of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'
Xylophone relative
Southernmost city in the continental United States
Resident of 221B Baker St.
Focus at a face-off
HintLock/Key Phrase
Plant whose poison killed Socrates
Artist known for his unique style of drip painting
'...that's what it's all about!' dance
Actress who's been on Melrose Place, Dynasty, on TJ Hooker
Severe traffic jam
Stanley Kubrick film set in a dystopian future Britain
Democrat's animal
If they see, they do
Nickolodeon crossover game featuring gold coins and minigames
Group of birds

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