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What basketball player is famous for his unibrow?
Who was considered the best player of college basketball's 'Fab Five'?
What quarterback announced his retirement in 2008, 2009, and 2011?
What is the only major pro sports team that is non-profit
What company sponsors an all-star game for the country's best high school basketball players?
Who committed the infamous 'butt fumble'?
What football stadium sheltered thousands of people during Hurricane Katrina?
What is the hockey equivalent of the Final Four?
What football play is also a word that means 'to illegally sell alcohol'?
What was the nickname of 6'9' football player Ed Jones?
Who said '90% of the game is half mental'?
What Yankees second baseman had a bad case of the yips?
Other than the U.S., what country is the birthplace of the most current MLB players?
What was Bear Bryant's real first name?
Until 1992, what would you get in a pack of Topps baseball cards? (besides baseball cards)
What DIII college has set basketball scoring records by rapidly shooting threes and playing no defense?
Who famously screams 'It's March Madness, baby'?
What American woman has held the record for the heptathlon for over 25 years?
Who stole 130 bases in 1982?
Who has recently broke the 40 yard dash with a 4.22?

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