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Can you name the movies based on the person, place, and thing?

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Dr. Henry Jones Sr, Jerusalem, Holy Grail
The Stranger, Lago, whip
Bruce Nolan, Buffalo, braclet
Harvey Dent, Gotham City, batpod
Will Hunting, MIT, Chevrolet Nova
Princess Ann, Rome, Mouth of Truth
Carl Denham, Empire State Building, chains
Phil Connors, Punxsutawney, clock
Lex Luthor, Metropolis, kryptonite
Brick Tamland, San Diego, jazz flute
Detective James Carter, Los Angeles Convention Center, ransom money
Tom Baxter, Copacabana, movies
Billy Beane, Oakland, baseball
Bill Cutting, Five Points, rabbit
Roxie Hart, Cook County Jail, trial
Norman Bates, Bates Motel, shower
Inspector Walter Uhl, Vienna, magic
Larry Daley, American Museum of Natural History, tablet
Captain Nathan Brittles, Fort Starke, retirement
Longfellow Deeds, Mandrake Falls, greeting cards
Mickey Ward, Lowell, family
Detective Roger Murtaugh, El Mirage Lakebed, bullet
Ramona Flowers, Scott's dreams, exes
Puss in Boots, Far Far Away, potion
Carl Fredricksen, Paradise Falls, balloons

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