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QUIZ: Can you name the U.S states with a little change or mix?

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State(s) and SomethingAnswerClue
Yorkies... I love it! But, Are From There?Erase -ies And add at beginning 'New'
All the redish things are _______ in SpanishIs a rectangle-aliked State
Miss - i - sip - pee'Sip' is yes in Spanish said by an Teenager and Pee in Spanish become readed 'Pi'. Now WORK!
xeTsaOrder the letters
Main Menu -} MAIN mEnuHighest state of all U.S.A.
A north namePut a state woman name and add the place at beginning
Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Northwest state...It borders Oregon, Idaho..., or translate Lavando tonelada; is Spanish

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