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Trying to tell them boys I never leave da crib alone. Cuz I keep one in my car and I got two at home.
The victor ain't the one that's winnin' seventh inning. Trophies don't go to ones that got a good beginning.
My goal is to rest in Him but this ain't no lazy boy. My daddy ain't make me soft but He gave me peace though. Threw my chains up off of me, I call that my free throw.
Boy I hopped up out the grave, good morning! I'd been sleeping for too long, I'm yawning. Everybody talking tryna seeing me. Disbelief like 'How he breathin? He was six feet deep!'
Going in today (day), this my only shot. My life could end today, yeah, my heart stop. If I go out tonight, I’m going out on top I give it all, this life ain’t all I got.
I read John's vision and it's plain. Christ reigns so I'm stickin' in my lane. Rap don't need me. Reach don't need me. Christ don't need me. I'm limpin' cuz I'm lame.
Aye, look around, it’s all dark, all black everything. Like the million man march, but I’m talking bout everything.

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