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Can you name the television show if it's real or not?

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ManimalA shape-shifting man who possessed the ability to turn himself into any animal he chose. He used this ability to help the police solve crimes.
SupertrainThe series took place on the Supertrain, a nuclear-powered bullet train that was equipped with amenities more appropriate to a cruise ship. It had luxuries such as swimming pools and shopping centers. It was so big it had to run on very broad gauge single track (not a pair of tracks as depicted in some advertising). The train took 36 hours to go from New York City to Los Angeles, which would put the train's average speed at around 78 miles per hour,
Ramsey FestA family reunion takes places over one season with all the members of the Ramsey's gathering for one last time before the Father dies.
Street HawkThe show was about a police officer and former amateur dirt-bike racer named Jesse Mach who was secretly chosen to test a top-secret project—an all-terrain attack motorcycle capable of speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour
Poof!!!!A magician and his beautiful assistant fight crime using the secret magician's code of tricks. Michael Chambers dreams of playing Las Vegas but he continually falls into situations where the police need the skills only he possesses.
AutomanAutoman (the 'Automatic Man') followed the adventures of a police officer and computer programmer named Walter Nebicher who had created an artificially intelligent crime fighting program that generated a hologram able to leave the computer world and fight crime.
Kan Kan ManBilly Davis moves from Kansas City to L.A. to experience love and adventure. He possesses a sixth sense that allows him to see what others can't.
Youz GuyzFrank and Hank Gissupi are 2 Brooklyn guys who try to get ahead in the world with one scheme after another. They work in construction during the day and go to Petrino's neighborhood saloon at night.
Galaxy QuestThe Starcraft 6 is launched in 2229 on a 17 year mission to find new life and galaxies to save mankind.
Whiz KidsRichie Adler lives with his mother and sister; his parents are divorced, and his father works overseas, often in the Middle East, as a telecommunications engineer/consultant to several firms located there.
Show NameR or NPremise
Heels Over Head2 recent college graduates live in the same apartment building in New York. Sara Heels lives upstairs from Davis Head. The show follows their search for love in the city, is it as simple as love thy neighbor?
One Step BeyondRather than creating fictional stories with supernatural twists and turns, this program sought out 'real' stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, disappearances, monsters, etc., and re-creating them for each episode.
Mr. EdSettling into their first home, newlyweds Wilbur Post, an architect, and his wife Carol, discover a horse in the barn. Meeting Roger Addison, a neighbor, they discover that the horse is theirs, left to them by the previous owner. Unable to part with the animal, Wilber persuades Carol to let him keep it. Shortly after, while brushing the horse (named Mr. Ed), Wilbur discovers that he possesses the ability to talk, and because Wilbur is the only person he likes well enough to talk to, he will speak only to him. Stories depict the misadventures that befall Wilbur as he struggles to conceal the fact that he owns a talking horse.
Cher And Sharon LikeCher Jones divorces her husband James Like only to find out he has quickly remarried her college roommate Sharon Wilkes. The show follows the adventures of the 2 old friends who have more in common than ever.
SugarfootThe Sugarfoot, Tom Brewster grew up in the East and came west studying law by correspondence course hoping to become a lawyer. He being naive and being a sarsparilla drinker caused him to get into many predicaments.
Here Come the Double DeckersSeven kids in London who havd a clubhouse in an old double-decker bus. Each week saw the gang in a separate adventure including episodes based around a runaway home made hovercraft, a chocolate factory and invading 'Martians' with guns that shot out chocolate candy, a disastrous camping holiday, collecting tin foil for a guide dog, becoming pop moguls with their protégé 'The Cool Cavalier' and a haunted stately home.
Third BaseRoger Base gets a 3rd chance at love after tragedy befell his first 2 wives. Just when he's given up hope, a beautiful blonde and her 6 year old daughter show up at his doorstep needing a home.
Cole SlawA drama that takes place in farms of Calfornia. 2 families fight for control of the Valley's lettuce business. Complicating matters is the fact that the youngest daughter of the Williams' family is in love with the eldest son of the Manterson family.
Doc ElliotThe story of Dr. Benjamin Elliot, a New York staff doctor at Bellevue Hospital, who resigns his position and retreats to the backwoods of Southern Colorado. There, as the only physician, he seeks to help people with care and involvement which he was not able to do in New York.
Jennifer Slept HereA once-popular movie actress who made the unfortunate, mortal mistake of chasing an ice cream truck near her Los Angeles, California home. When the ice cream truck accidentally backed up, it ran her over, killing her. Years later, the Elliot family from New York City moved into Jennifer's home.

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