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1990 Warrant Hit
2008 Comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco
Atomic model created by J. J. Thomson
Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter
American clothing retailer bought by the Gap in 1983
Internet capable mobile phone introduced in 2002
Author of The Series of Unfortunate Events
Annual American college football bowl game played at LandShark Stadium just outside Miami, Florida.
National bird of New Zealand
1967 Beatles Hit
Riot that occurred in Panama City, Panama, on the morning of April 15, 1856.
Slang for short, light hair, used often when a boy unsuccessfully tries to grow a beard
Children's song starting 'Here we go round the _____'
A fad diet that greatly decreases caloric intake per day
Sedimentary rock composed mostly of calcite
One of Aesop's fables which deals with the human reaction to an unreachable goal.
An adjectival phrase describing someone with wide hips
A Nabisco snack named for the city in Massachusetts in which it was first made.

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