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Can you name the little things about Ben Affleck?

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What is Ben Affleck's middle name?
He was born in...
He grew up in...
His mother's name is...
Her maiden name is...
His father's name is...
His first acting job was for:
He was born on:
He is married to:
Who he met on the set of:
And later acted with in:
He has a younger brother named:
Who's real name is actually:
His younger brother was born on the day of Ben's:
Ben's first daughter is named:
And was born on:
His second daughter is named:
And was born on:
He is in all but one of this director's (major) films:
Would have played in 3 movies with his (future) wife, had is scene in this movie not been cut:
He is notorious for his engagement to:
And in lieu of that relationship dubbed:
He is a die hard fan of this MLB team:
During his teens, he lived in this foreign country
He was named People's sexiest man alive in:
Is best friends with:
Went to high school here:
And graduated in the class of:
Then proceeded to this university:
His second language is:
His third language is:
His fourth language is:
He has a fear of:
Was payed $30 for his 1989 role in:
Is involved in humanitarian efforts in this African nation:
Upon the birth of his daughter, Violet, Ben stopped:
Has a grand total of ______ Razzie awards
He is known to be an exceptional player of:
Appeared in the PBS mini-series:
Started writing Good Will Hunting at the age of:
Is brother-in-law to:
Made his major directorial debut with the movie:
Costarred with this person in both Armageddon and Jersey Girl:
His first high profile romance was with actress:
Met his best friend in:
Date to the 1998 Oscars was:
Where he (and best friend) won:
Voices the lead character in this animated film:
Got caught driving with a suspended license in 1999 and was fined:
Ben Affleck's face is:

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