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Can you name the episodes of Futurama from their title captions?

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Larva-tested, pupa-approved2
Or is it?4
Love it or shove it3
See you on some other channel4
As seen on TV1
It's like 'hee haw' with lasers4
A by-product of the TV industry4
Bender's Humor by Microsoft Joke3
The show that watches back2
Secreted by the Comedy Bee3
Torn from tomorrow's headlines3
Featuring gratuitous alien nudity1
From the makers of Futurama2
Beats a hard kick to the face4
Condemned by the Space Pope1
Transmitido en Martian en SAP1
Nominated For Three Glemmys2
Not a Substitute for Human Interaction2
Fun for the whole family except grandma and grandpa3
In color1

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