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What is 'The Beast's' real name?
Who is the Host?
What are the main two colours?
How many chasers are involved with one chase?
In the personal chase, how many steps does the team member start from ahead of the chaser?
What year did the chaser 'Shaun Wallace' win Mastermind?
In the cash builder round, how much time is a team member allowed?
What colour is the chaser 'Paul Sinha's' hair?
What is the highest amount of money any person on their own has taken from the chaser?
In the final chase, what is the highest amount of steps the team has got?
Who is the newest chaser?
True or false? The Chase has opening music?
Which hand is Anne Hegerty's dominant hand?
Who composed the theme music?
How long does each regular episode lasts in minutes?
How many nicknames does the game give to the chaser 'Paul Sinha'
Who are the two production companies for the programme?
For example, in the final chase, if the team had 4 players how many steps head start would they get?
As of November 2013, what brand sponsors the chase?
How many other countries have the show?
On the cash builder round, how much money does the team member get per question answered correctly?
How tall is the chaser nicknamed 'The Beast'?
How tall is chaser nicknamed 'The Sinnerman'

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