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Can you name the Predominantly Pink Pokemon?

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It prefers to stay hidden
It's the evolution of the guy above.
Bigger,more defensive narcolepsy
It's basically a sloth,but more 'watery'
Is this guy being attacked?
This guy's tongue is ginormous!
This Pokemon is super hard to catch.
A big clown.
You need a glitch to unlock it.
Baby Star
Rubber Ball. But narcoleptic.
A commonly misspelled sentient sheep
It splashes,but it's far from a fish.
King of the sloths!
Damn this one gave me nightmares...
They gave Jynx a baby...why...
A cute little coral.
You'd have to give someone an Up-Grade
An incredibly happy and bulky Pokemon
An ugly dog.
This dog gone mad for calling it ugly!
A ton of merchandise is based after it.
He meditates,but with a kick to it!
Wait,this thing exists? I had no idea!
Definitely not as pretty as it looks.
Pretty useless,but hey,it IS cute.
Also useless,but not cute at all. (Trash)
A hairier,or trashier version of the guy above.
It's Pokemon #420,and a grass type. :P
One of its variants is blue.
It's the evolution of the guy above.
Lickilickilicki like a lollipop...
A screw flew off and this thing broke.
Some might call it an 'easter egg'
Yuck,what and why is it vomiting?
This girl is far different that the guy.
Its head is incredibly humongous.
It's grinded for EXP-but hey,it is EXP!
Comes in many styles-only 1 is playable.
A parrot perfumier.
This girl smells stronger than Muk!
So cute I could eat it up!
...what in the world is this...?
_______ and the Cocoon of Destruction!
Prefers the term 'Dragon Slayer'

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