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QuoteGLaDOS, Wheatley, or Cave?
Oh, hi. How are you holding up? 'Cause I'm a potato!
Most people emerge from suspension terribly undernourished. I want to congratulate you on beating the odds and somehow managing to pack on a few pounds.
Well, no matter. Because I'm still holding all the cards, and guess what: they're all full houses!
Holmes vs. Moriarty... Aristotle vs. MASHY SPIKE PLATE!
Oh, in case you get covered in that Repulsion Gel, here's some advice the lab boys gave me: Do not get covered in the Repulsion Gel.
Beancounters said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair - did it anyway, ramps are expensive.
I am totally legit, from the board of neurotoxin, uh, observers, from the United Arab Emirates.
QuoteGLaDOS, Wheatley, or Cave?
You know what, this plan is so good, I'm going to give you a sporting chance and turn off the neurotoxin. I'm joking of course. Goodbye.
Well done. Here come the test results: 'You are a horrible person.' That's what it says: a horrible person. We weren't even testing for that.
That's not a panel; that's a crusher. We sell those too.
Let me answer those questions with a question- who wants to make sixty dollars? Cash?
But don't be alarmed, all right? Although, if you do feel alarm, try to hold onto that feeling, because that is the proper reaction to being told you have brain damage.
I hope you brought something stronger than a portal gun this time. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're about to become the immediate past president of the Being Alive club.

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