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Can you name the actors and actresses who played companions in Doctor Who?

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Character's NameActor/ActressAssociated Doctor(s)
Susan ForemanFirst Doctor
Barbara WrightFirst Doctor
Ian ChestertonFirst Doctor
VickiFirst Doctor
Steven TaylorFirst Doctor
KatarinaFirst Doctor
Sara KingdomFirst Doctor
Dodo ChapletFirst Doctor
PollyFirst Doctor/Second Doctor
Ben JacksonFirst Doctor/Second Doctor
Jamie McCrimmonSecond Doctor
Jamie McCrimmon IISecond Doctor
Victoria WaterfieldSecond Doctor
Zoe HeriotSecond Doctor
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartSecond Doctor/Third Doctor/Fourth Doctor/Fifth Doctor/Seventh Doctor
Liz ShawThird Doctor
Jo GrantThird Doctor
Sarah Jane SmithThird Doctor/Fourth Doctor/Tenth Doctor
Sergeant BentonFourth Doctor
Captain Mike YatesFourth Doctor
Harry SullivanFourth Doctor
LeelaFourth Doctor
K-9 (Voice)Fourth Doctor/Tenth Doctor
K-9 (Second Voice)Fourth Doctor
Romana IFourth Doctor
Romana IIFourth Doctor
AdricFourth Doctor/Fifth Doctor
Character's NameActor/ActressAssociated Doctor(s)
Tegan JovankaFourth Doctor/Fifth Doctor
NyssaFourth Doctor/Fifth Doctor
Vislor TurloughFifth Doctor
Kamelion (Voice)Fifth Doctor
Peri BrownFifth Doctor/Sixth Doctor
Mel BushSixth Doctor/Seventh Doctor
AceSeventh Doctor
Grace HollowayEighth Doctor
Rose TylerNinth Doctor/Tenth Doctor
Adam MitchellNinth Doctor
Captain Jack HarknessNinth Doctor/Tenth Doctor
Mickey SmithNinth Doctor/Tenth Doctor
Donna NobleTenth Doctor
Martha JonesTenth Doctor
Astrid PethTenth Doctor
Jackson LakeTenth Doctor
Lady Christina de SouzaTenth Doctor
Adelaide BrookeTenth Doctor
Wilfred MottTenth Doctor
Amy PondEleventh Doctor
Rory WilliamsEleventh Doctor
River SongTenth Doctor/Eleventh Doctor/Twelfth Doctor
Craig OwensEleventh Doctor
Clara OswaldEleventh Doctor/Twelfth Doctor
NardoleTwelfth Doctor
Bill PottsTwelfth Doctor

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