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Can you name the Loyola University Chicago Lakeshore Campus Buildings?

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Building TypeBuilding NameAddress
Jesuit Residence1028-30 W. Loyola
Residence Hall6610-6628 N. Sheridan
Support / Services Building6331-6333 N. Sheridan
Residence Hall6364 N. Sheridan
Residence Hall6551 N. Sheridan
Support / Services Building6427 N. Sheridan
Residence Hall6246 N. Kenmore
Academic Building1125 W. Loyola
Loyola Limited1110 W. Sheridan
Academic Building1000 W. Sheridan
Academic Building1001 W. Loyola
Academic Building6515 N. Kenmore
Academic Building6450 N. Kenmore
Academic Building6430 N. Kenmore
Support / Services Building1052 W. Loyola
Academic Building6474 N. Kenmore
Support / Services Building6317 N. Broadway
Residence Hall6228-6240 N. Winthrop
Loyola Limited6441 N. Sheridan
Academic Building1131 W. Sheridan
Academic Building1068 W. Sheridan
Loyola Limited1216 W. Arthur
Residence Hall6455 N. Sheridan
Athletics6526 N. Winthrop
Residence Hall6301-6309 N. Kenmore
Jesuit Residence6231-6235 N. Kenmore
Academic Building6439 N. Sheridan
Support / Services Building1113 W. Granville
Athletics Field6459 N. Winthrop
Building TypeBuilding NameAddress
Athletics6458 N. Winthrop
Jesuit Residence6256 N. Winthrop
Athletics Field6336 N. Hoyne
Jesuit Residence6324 N. Kenmore
Academic Building6501 N. Kenmore
Residence Hall6308 N. Winthrop
Other6439 N. Sheridan
Academic Building1110 W. Loyola
Academic Building6453 N. Kenmore
Support / Services Building6317 N. Broadway
Support / Services Building1110 W. Sheridan
Residence Hall6255 N. Kenmore
Residence Hall1125 W. Loyola
Residence Hall6229 N. Winthrop
Academic Building1020 W. Sheridan
Athletics6526 N. Kenmore
Academic Building970 W. Sheridan
Academic Building1050 W. Sheridan
Residence Hall6340 N. Winthrop
Residence Hall1000 W. Loyola
Athletics Field1101 W. Loyola
Residence Hall6313 N. Winthrop
Residence Hall6333 N. Winthrop
Residence Hall6211 N. Winthrop
Support / Services Building6525 N. Winthrop
Academic Building6339 N. Sheridan
Support / Services Building1110 W. Sheridan
Residence Hall6307 N. Winthrop

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