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Can you name the facts about the Boston Red Sox?

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How many AL batting championships have the Red Sox won since 1958?
Who was the 1st pitcher to strike out 15 batters in one game?
How many feet is the left field line at Fenway Park?
What year were the Boston Red Sox founded?
Who is the red seat in right field bleachers for?
How many World Series have the Red Sox won?
What was opening day for Fenway Park?
Opening day in Fenway Park was the same day as what other historical event?
What kind of scoreboard is used at Fenway Park?
How long was the drought caused by the 'curse of the Bambino?'
Where did the Red Sox play before Fenway Park opened?
Every home game since _____ has been sold out
What gas station sign can be seen beyond left field?
Who chose the name 'Red Sox?'
Who is the Red Sox's biggest rival?
Who traded Babe Ruth?
Who is the only player to have worn number 84?
Who was the first player to wear number 1?
Who is the current manager?
How high is the 'green monster?'

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