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Can you name the state from the motto that appears on its license plate?

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'The Silver State'
'The First State'
'Land of Lincoln'
'Discover' or 'The Ocean State'
'The Lone Star State'
'The Spirit of America'
'Stars Fell On' or 'The Heart of Dixie'
'Evergreen State'
'Center Scenic America,' 'This is the Place,' or 'Greatest Snow on Earth'
'Water Wonderland,' or 'The Great Lakes State'
'Volunteer State,' or 'Sounds Good to Me'
This state has no slogan
'America's Dairyland'
'First in Flight'
'The Empire State'
'Land of Opportunity,' or 'The Natural State'
'Scenic,' 'Live Free or Die,' or 'First for Independence'
'Great Faces,' or 'Great Places'
'The Heritage State'
'Sunshine State'
'The Heart of it All'
'Peach State,' or '...On My Mind'
'10,000 Lakes,' or 'Explore'
'The Golden State'
'Constitution State'
'The Iodine State'
'The Corn State'
'Sportsmen's Paradise,' or 'Bayou State'
'Show-Me State'
'Aloha State'
'The Land of Enchantment'
'Potatoes,' or 'Vacation Wonderland'
'The Keystone State'
'Green Mountains State'
'Grand Canyon State'
'Garden State'
'Peace Garden State,' or 'Discover the Spirit'
'The Wheat State' or 'Midway USA'
'Bluegrass State,' 'It's that Friendly,' or 'Unbridled Spirit'
'Drive Carefully'
'North to the Future,' 'The Great Land,' or 'The Last Frontier'
'Visit,' or 'Native America'
'The Beef State,' or 'The Cornhusker State'
'The Treasure State,' or 'Big Sky Country'
'Pacific Wonderland'
'1607-2007: 400th Anniversary'
'The Hospitality State'
'Mountain State,' or 'Wild, Wonderful'

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