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May, 1997Drew Carey star
July, 1997Law & Order star
September, 1997Baywatch star
November, 1997Baywatch and Sheena star
January, 1998James Bond girl
March, 1998Who's the Boss star
April, 1998Species star
May, 1998Baywatch star, and hosted Battlebots
June, 1998The former Mrs. Stamos
July, 1998The current Mrs. Douglas
September, 1998Married with Children star
October, 1998Urban Legend star
November, 1998Once married to Bradley Cooper
December, 1998Another Baywatch babe, also starred in BASEketball
January, 1999Point of No Return star
March, 1999Grindhouse star
April, 1999Xena star
May, 1999English supermodel
June, 199990210 star
July, 1999Dawson's Creek star
September, 1999The fifth Baywatch girl to make the cover, also the most popular star of the show
October, 1999Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
November, 1999The Ghost Whisperer
December, 1999The Practice star
January, 2000American Pie star
February, 2000Model, also appeared in Friday Night Lights
March, 2000The former Mrs. Jim Carrey
April, 2000Prison Break bad girl
May, 2000The original Vampire Slayer
June, 2000Star of Knocked Up
July, 2000Rebecca Romijn, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen were on the cover for this movie
August, 2000Izabella Miko and Tyra Banks starred in this popular bar movie
September, 2000Spider-Man star
October, 2000Dark Angel star
November, 2000Michelle Behennah, Yamila Diaz, Kim Smith, Magdalena Wrobel were on the cover for this type of issue
December, 2000Nipple slip?
January, 2001That 70s Show star
February, 2001Wild Things star
March, 2001Starred in Along Came a Spider, as well as Saw
April, 2001Heroes star
May, 2001A Vampire Slayer
June, 2001Saira Mohan, Jennifer Lamiraqui were on the cover for type of beach wear
July, 20018 Mile star
August, 2001Planet of the Apes star
September, 2001Sporanos star
October, 2001Star Trek hottie
November, 2001E! personality
December, 2001My Name is Earl star
January, 2002Dukes of Hazard star
February, 2002Swimsuit model
March, 2002First girl to appear twice solo
April, 2002Blade 2 star
May, 2002Scorpion King star
June, 2002Another Star Trek hottie
July, 2002Singer of Underneath Your Clothes
August, 2002Put a ring on it singer
September, 2002Charlie's Angels star
October, 2002That 70s Show star
November, 2002Third appearance
December, 2002Carmen Electra, Christina Applegate, and Christina Aguilera shared the cover for this Vegas act that later became a girls' band
January, 2003Dirty singer
February, 2003Swimsuit model
March, 2003Dog Eat Dog host
April, 2003Played one of Jack Bauer's girlfriends on 24
May, 2003Starred in Matrix 2 and 3
June, 2003Country music singer from Canada
July, 2003Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore all made the cover for this movie
August, 2003Hottest tennis star ever?
September, 2003Singer who can hit the high note
October, 2003One of the stars of Showgirls
November, 2003Played the Invisible Woman
December, 2003American Pie hottie
January, 2004Nominated for Grammy award for best new artist in 2003
February, 2004Australian model
March, 200424 star
April, 2004 (1 of 2)The Simple Life star
April, 2004 (1 of 2)Homer's wife
May, 2004Van Helsing star
June, 2004Former Tony Romo girlfriend
July, 2004Catwoman star, also a model
August, 2004Tennis star hottie
September, 2004Resident Evil star
October, 2004Complicated singer
November, 2004That 70s Show redhead goes blonde
December, 2004Girls from this show with Donald Trump
January, 2005Married to Tony Parker
February, 2005Was on Baywatch
March, 2005Party of Five star
April, 2005Has a recurring role on 90210
May, 2005Starred in Uptown Girls
June, 2005Starred on Beverly Hills, 90210 as well as Las Vegas
July, 2005Married Dennis Rodman
August, 2005Paris' sister
September, 2005Won the first season of Dancing with the Stars
October, 2005Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight
November, 2005Desperate Housewive
December, 2005Supermodel from 80s/90s
January, 2006Older sister of Hilary
February, 2006Was in Two and a Half Men
March, 2006Veronica Mars star
April, 2006Just the number of this special issue
May, 2006Played Meadow Soprano
June, 2006A Czech model
July, 2006Had a reality show about Newleyweds
August, 2006Starred in Snakes on a Plane
September, 2006A Desperate Housewife
October, 2006Hosted Total Request Live
November, 2006Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Danneel Harris starred in this TV show
December, 2006Starred in Salt
January, 2007One of the mean girls in Mean Girls
February, 2007Hitch star
March, 2007Beautiful singer
April, 2007Black Eyed Peas singer
May, 2007A Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, model and actress
June, 2007Used to date Jimmy Kimmel
July, 2007Transformers star
August, 2007Was in Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2
September, 2007Mean Girls star
October, 2007Played Lois Lane on Smallville
November, 2007Starred in Ghost Rider
December, 2007The second Vampire Slayer
January, 2008Starred in The O.C.
February, 2008Starred in the Hills
March, 2008Hey Hey, She Can Be Your Girlfriend
April, 2008Was in Sin City
May, 2008House of Wax star
June, 2008American Pie actress turned poker player
July, 2008Was also on Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover
August, 2008Was in Zombieland and Pineapple Express
September, 2008Tennis superstar who never won a tournament
October, 2008Transformers star
November, 2008First women's wrestler to be on the cover
December, 2008Bond girl in Quantum of Solace
January, 2009Lizzie McGuire star
February, 2009Sarah Mutch/Jamie Gunns modeled this type of clothing
March, 2009Dollhouse star
April, 2009Played Vince Vaughn's wife on Couples Retreat
May, 2009The Ghost Whisperer
June, 2009Starred in Terminator Salvation
July, 2009Was on the O.C.
August, 2009A model who competed on Dancing with the Stars
September, 2009Our best hope against zombies?
October, 2009Was on The Hills
November, 2009Tricia Helfer and Grace Park starred in this sci-fi show
December, 2009A Twilight actress
January, 2010Host of G4's Attack of the Show
February, 2010Quit acting for about a month
March, 2010Big Bang Theory star
April, 2010She's Out of Your League star
May, 2010Voted as The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl
June, 2010Model, was a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice
July, 2010A Pussycat Doll
August, 2010Starred in Heroes and Entourage
September, 2010Mean Girls star

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