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QUIZ: Can you name the countries and planets that characters in South Park have been to?

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Cartman is sent to this country after being mistakenly identified by the FBI as a resident that had been accidentally delivered to South Park by the Christian Children's Fund.
The boys are sent by the US government to overthrow this country and stop the global pandemic of (country name) pan flute bands.
Led by Pip, the school dodgeball team participates in the world dodgeball championships in this country.
The boys are forced to go on a Getting Gay with Kids chorus trip to this country to promote saving the rainforest.
Starvin' Marvin uses an abandoned spaceship to travel to this country, but leaves immediately after finding out the Christians will help him.
The boys accidentally send Marvin's spaceship to this planet while they're still onboard.
Kenny goes to live in this country to train as a singer, causing a diplomatic crisis.
Kenny is run over and dragged by a bus into this country, which he mistakes as being Hell.
The boys accidentally end up in this country after they get trapped on a military plane that was intended to take their goat (Stevie Nicks) back to where it came from.
Father Maxi travels to this country to address the growing problem of priests molesting their altar boys.
Chef takes Cartman to his parents in this country in the hope that they can exorcise Kenny from Cartman's body.
The boys, aided by Jesus, travel to this country to free Santa Claus from his captors and save Christmas.
The boys go to this planet to convince the Joozians, who control all media in the Universe, not to cancel 'Earth', the reality show.
Tired of being pushed around by the rest of the world, this country goes on strike, prompting the boys to travel there and get its leaders to call it off.
Randy travels to this country to prove to the European Faecal Standards and Measurements Institute that he can perform the largest bowel movement (BM) ever recorded.
Stan goes to this country to persuade the former record holder of the world's largest bowel movement not to take Randy's #1 spot away.
Cartman leads a band of his classmates to this country to become pirates.
Stan, Cartman, and Kenny are captured and taken to this country after a failed attempt to prevent the country's fisherman from killing whales.
Terrance and Phillip travel to this country to save Terrance's daughter from captivity.

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