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A style of music.
To tease someone.
A song by Ale Möller.
A harsh, gravelly noise.
Framework that holds/stores things.
A small, sharp nail.
To be without something.
To pass the tongue over an object.
To be in poor health.
A type of material.
A white beverage full of calcium.
A unit of measurement.
Thin slab that covers a surface.
To move in a sloped position.
A plant becoming limp.
A non-domesticated animal.
Gentle; not easy to provoke.
Growth of fungi on food/organic matter.
A male's name.
A rod of metal.
A small opening in a surface.
To tire or unenthuse something/someone.
Bodily structure that shapes organisms.
Something that is by itself.
When two organisms feel a strong connection to one another.
A type of bird that symbolizes peace.
An action to enter water.
A structure that supports swarms of insects.
To possess something.
To move a hand back and forth.
Past tense of weave.
The act of changing position.
Feeling dejected or pathetic.
Strings banded together.
A part in a production/job.
An animal that lives underground.
A manner in which something is done.

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