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QUIZ: Can you name the harry potter umbridge quiz?

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hintanswermovie and/or book 5 unless said otherwis
what is umbridges full name?m&b
what is her post at hogwarts?m&b
what is her other title at hogwarts?m&b
what is her title at the ministry of magic?b
in what way does the ministry want umbridge to teach defense against the dark arts?m&b
what color is her office?m&b
what shape is her patronus?m&b
what quill did umbridge force harry to use during his detentionsb
what creatures carry her off into the forest?m&b
hintanswermovie and/or book 5 unless said otherwis
what does umbridge ask trelawney to make for her?m
what animal does harry ron and hermione describe umbridge of having the face of?m&b
what did umbridge say cedric diggorys death was?m&b
what spell does umbridge nearly use to try to get harry to tell her about dumbledores secret weapon?m&b
who is harry talking to via floo network when umbridge reaches her hand through the fire trying to grasp this person?b
who does umbridge believe harry is trying to talk to when she catches him in her office using the floo network?m
what does umbridge force harry to write on the back of his hand during detentions?m&b
what family does umbridge say the locket horcrux used to belong to?b-deathly hallows
who is umbridge interrogating when the locket is taken from her by hermione (last name only)b&m-deathly hallows

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