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Can you name the harry potter safe cracker?

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Name the balls used in Quidditch in alphabetical order
Who doesnt want to play Quidditch!?!?!? 
Name the Deathly Hallows in alphabetical order
Harry is the owner of the Hallows! Whop Whop! 
Name the Trio (first only) in alphabetical order
Ahhh the Trio! How we all love them 
Name the Triwizard Champions in alphabetical order (first name only)
Vot is zee point of zis quiz? Vut everyzing is! 
The seven Horcruxes in the order they were destroyed
'You were the horcrux he never meant to make' 
The seven Weasley children oldest to youngest
George, Fred or maybe Fred, one really knows 
The Marauders in alphabetical order by nickname
No Marauder remains by the end of the book 
All Owls named in the series in alphabetical order (hint: there are 4)
Count on Ginny to come up with the weirdest owl names 
All House Elves in alphabetical order (hint: there are 4)
Stupid Bellatrix! what has this world come to 
The Dumbledores by first name in alphabetical order
Dont hear much about Dumbledores father, i guess hes the one that gave Dumbledore all those middle names so that he cant sign for anything in under 10 minutes 
Owners of the Elder Wand since Gregorovitch (not counting Gregorovitch)
Voldemort NEVER OWNED THE ELDER WAND! When is anyone going to wrap their wand around that???? 

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