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Neva triviaAnswer!
What year did Neva graduate high school?
Neva's 'other' sibling
Neva's 'major' plans
Neva's first boyfriend
# of times Neva has attended an EHutch concert
Beverage of choice
But if she had to drink milk...? (percentage, please)
What are the last four digits of her home phone? (hint: also home address #)
What committee does Neva oversee for Images?
What is the punch line of the story her dad tells every Christmas?
What the family TV show (excluding Rick)?
What celebrity did Rick Bowers meet/take a picture with?
What fabric pants did Neva wear often in middle school?
Did she stroke them?
Where does Neva go for memorial day weekend?
Drop everything now...
How does Neva get great deals?
What was her Silver Chips position?
What class is Neva TAing next semester?
What amusement park attraction did Neva recently visit?
Neva triviaAnswer!
What baseball team do the Bowers root for?
Neva's favorite dessert
What was Neva's house missing for many years (hint: infrastructure)
Neva's favorite Tastee Diner employee
Where does Neva get her haircut?
Who cuts it?
Where did Neva grow up (prior to Silver Spring)?
What newspaper did Neva co-produce in middle school?
Study away country of choice
Which metro stop did Neva switch at to get from her home to City at Peace? (old C@P location)
What were the names of her two directors at C@P?
Name an artifact found in Neva's attic?
Favorite book series
On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny is Neva?
Name one City at Peace show Neva was in?
How old is Neva turning today?
What sport did Neva play in high school?
Hair color
What club was Neva in 9th and 10th grade?
What magazine did Neva and Helen model for?

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