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The two founders of stereotaxic surgery are _____________ and Clarke.
The four systems of stereotaxic surgery are simple orthogonal, burr hole mounted, arc quadrant, and _____ __________.
Stereotactic surgery is used in rodents to introduce fluids directly to the brain or to implant cannulae and ______________ probes.
Stereotactic surgery in rodents can aid in research by targeting specific sites of the brain and directly introduce pharmacological agents to the brain that cannot cross the ______
The obliteration rate for AVM's in the Lunsford et al 1991 study was ___%.
DBS uses an ____________ and a stimulator in order to send electrical impulses to the STN, Thalamus or Pallidum.
A revolutionary technology that treats cancerous tumors in the body is Stereotactic Body ____________.
SBR uses multiple tightly conformed radiation __________ converging at the specific tumor
Cerebral Palsy is similar to ____________ ______________.
If you were to have ___________, your body would take bizarre postures.

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