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Can you name the Useful Latin phrase or word (not all literal transalations)?

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LatinEnglish transalation common abreviation
ad hoc
ad infinitum
anno DominiA.D.
aqua vitae
ave Maria
bona fide
carpe diem
cogito ergo sum
curriculum vitaec.v.
Dei gratia
et ceteraetc.
exempli gratiae.g.
hic iaceth.j.
id esti.e.
infra dignitatum infra dig.
in loco parentis
in situ
LatinEnglish transalation common abreviation
in vitro
magnum opus
mea culpa
nil desperandum
non sequitur
note benenb
per annump.a.
persona non grata
post partum
post meridiempm
post scriptump.s.
pro rata
requiescat in pacer.i.p.
tempus fugit
terra firma
vice versa

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