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This character often creates chaos in the movie theater where he works.
This character often tells bizarre stories about her older brother.
This character is often called creative nicknames because of his curly hair.
This character often exclaims Spanish words that have no relevance to the situation he is in.
This character is often reminded that he looks like Andy Samberg.
This character often removes his shirt in inappropriate settings.
This character often responds 'oh' to hearing something she doesn't like.'
This character and his English teacher are very open about hating each other.
This character can often be found taking pictures of himself.
This character often pronounces words incorrectly.
This character intimidates others by hitting them with a sock full of butter.
This character has an unhealthy obsession with Oprah Winfrey.
This character has a penchant for accidentally setting things on fire.
The largeness of this character's head is frequently pointed out.
This character carries around a replica of his own head.
This character is often portrayed as extremely clumsy.
This character is often referred to as 'sassy.'
This character's cheekbones are frequently a topic of conversation.
This character often states 'the show's a lot of fun.'
This character is almost always drinking from a coconut.
This character has perpetual secret crush on his best girl friend.
This character is usually made fun of for his feminine nature.
These two characters are known for being the resident nerds.
This character speaks with an extreme lisp.
This character is often overshadowed by his rival, Bruce Winchill.
This character has a large wart on his face.
This character refers to her brothers as 'boobs.'
This character often builds crazy inventions, not all of which work.
This character loudly announces his own name when he enters a room.
This character is usually made fun of for playing the flute.
This character frequently yells 'Hug me, Brotha!'

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