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Can you name the factor by which the variable is affected?

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Double this and tell the...factorby which this is affected.
Kelvin temperature of a gasroot mean square speed of the molecules
distance between two objectsgravitational force
compression of a springelastic potential energy
# of equal resistors in a parallel circuitamount of current coming from the battery
frequency of an electromagnetic wavespeed of the wave
velocity of an object thrown upwardstime of flight
pressure and absolute temperaturevolume of the gas
mass of the bob on a pendulumperiod of the pendulum
distance from a point source of lightlight energy received per unit area
work function of a metalfrequency of light needed to eject a photon
moment of inertia of a rotating objectangular velocity of the object
radius of a spherevolume of the sphere
depth in a fluidgauge pressure
distance from a long straight wire carrying a currentstrength of the induced magnetic field
Temperature of a starenergy radiated per square meter
distance from a point chargeelectric field created by that charge
Double this and tell the...factorby which this is affected.
momentum of a particlede Broglie wavelength of the particle
velocity of an objectkinetic energy
distance from a point chargeelectric potential created by that charge
wavelength of an electromagnetic waveenergy per photon
Kelvin temperature of a gasthe averge kinetic energy of the molecules
length of a wireresistance of the wire
length and width of each plate of a capacitorcapacitance of the capicitor
mass of a satelliteorbital speed
rate of change of magnetic flux through a loop of wireinduced emf in the loop
index of refraction of a materialspeed of light in the material
mass on a springperiod of the oscillation
distance from applied force and fulcrumtorque exerted by the force
wavelength being observed through a telescoperesolving power of the telescope in radians
radius of a pipevelocity of the fluid moving through it
resistance of a circuitcurrent leaving the battery
velocity of an object thrown upwardsmaximum height reached

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