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Aspect of a sound wave most related to pitch
Large increase in the amplitude of an object when the driving force matches the natural frequency
Places in a stringed instrument where the waves always create destructive interference
Force equal to weight of fluid displaced by an object
The 1st overtone of an closed ended pipe would be called the ___ harmonic
Aspect of a sound wave most related to loudness
density of object / density of water = ???
Wave made of the movement of physical matter
The bending in the path of a wave when it reaches a medium where its speed changes is known as ???'s law?
wavelength * frequency = ???
Force that pulls inward on the outer molecules of a liquid
pressure unit equal to 101,300 pascals
Time (to the closest second) for sound to travel 1 mile
Force of attraction between molecules of the different types
Whose theorem describes the velocity of water leaving a spigot from a large reservoir?
The apparent increase of pitch when moving towards the source of a sound is an example of the ____ ____
Whose principle states that the buoyant force on an object immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displace by that object?
Maximum displacement from equilibrium position during simple harmonic motion
If you were traveling at twice the speed of sound we would say that you were going ____ 2.
force / area = ???
Of mass, length and g, the one(s) that don't affect the period of a pendulum
mass / volume = ???
type of wave in which the particles move perpendicular to the direction of the wave motion
The angle of incidence = the angle of refection is known as the law of ???
Speeds faster than sound are said to be
Whose principle states that where the velocity of a fluid is high, the pressure is low and where the velocity is low, the pressure is high?
Sounds that are two high for us to hear
The lowest resonant frequency of a particular string is known as its _____ frequency
The 1st overtone of an open ended pipe would be called the ___ harmonic
The energy of a sound increases by a factor of 10 for every addition of 10 to the ____ level
pressure unit equal to exactly 100,000 pascals
pressure that includes atmospheric pressure
density of fluid * g * depth = ???
Whose principle states that if an external pressure is applied to a confined fluid, the pressure at every point within the fluid increases by that amount?
The 1st overtone of a string would be called its ____ harmonic
When two waves overlap in phase, the interference is said to be ???
Force of attraction between molecules of the same type
unit of pressure equal to 1/760th of an atmosphere
type of wave in which the particles move parallel to the direction of the wave motion
liquid often used in barometers due to high density and low freezing point

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