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Angular measure from north around through east
A star moving away from us would have its spectra shifted towards what color?
Length of the Earth's precession in years
reversal of the path of a planet as seen from earth
Telescope mount that is best to use when tracking stars
The constellations that the ecliptic crosses.
Angular measure from the horizon upwards.
All points directly horizontal to the observer
Spectral class of the sun
A line running overhead from north to south.
gradual wobble of the earth's axis
the gradual motion of a star relative to the other stars
Number of light years in a parsec.
motion of a star towards or away from us
Angular measure in hours from east to west.
Angular measure north or south from the celestial equator.
The spectral classes from hottest to coldest surface temp.
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line circling the globe at 23.5 degrees north latitude
Spectral Type with the strongest hydrogen lines
Star with greatest proper motion
Where on an HR diagram stars spend most of their normal lifetimes.
Brightest star close to the north celestial pole
A measure of how bright a star appears in the sky.
24 hours
The day the sun crosses the celestial equator moving north.
line circling the globe at 23.5 degrees south latitude
Most common spectral class
23 hours, 56 minutes
The day the sun crosses the celestial equator moving south.
The point directly over an observer.
The apparent path of the sun in the sky.
Place on a HR diagram where you would find a white dwarf.
A measure of how bright a star would appear if 10 parsecs away.
The point directly below an observer.

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