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The controlled movement of music in time.
Fast, cheerful.
The interweaving of melodic (horizontal) and harmonic (vertical) elements in the musical fabric.
The distance between any two pitches in a melody
A regular pulsation; a basic unit of length in musical time.
Texture in which all voices, or lines, move together in the same rhythm.
A melodic idea presented in one voice and then restated in another, each part continuing as others enter.
The simultaneous use of several rhythmic patterns or meters, common in twentieth-century music and in certain African music.
Three part (A-B-A) form based on a statement (A), contrast or departure (B), and repetition (A). Also known as three-part form.
Quite slow
A sound of definite pitch.
Broad; very slow.
A melodic idea used as a basic building block in the construction of a composition. Also known as subject.
Growing louder.
A sudden stress or accent on a single note or chord.
The principle of organization around a tonic, or home,pitch, based on a major or minor scale.
Moderately soft.
A song structure in which the same music is repeated with every stanza (strophe) of the poem).
A single-line texture, or melody without accompaniment.
Growing softer
Two-part (A-B) form with each section normally repeated. Also two-part form.
The simultaneous combination of notes and the ensuing relationships of intervals and chords.
A perpetual canon at the unison in which each voice enters in succession with the same melody (for example, โ€œRow, Row, Row Your Boatโ€).
The first note of a scale or key (DO-re-mi). Also known as keynote.
The rate of vibration of a string or column of air, which determines pitch.
Regular vertical lines through the musical staff.
Very loud.
Moderately slow or walking pace.
A simultaneous combination of three or more tones that constitute a single block of harmony.
The distance between the lowest and highest tones of a melody, an instrument, or a voice.
The musical unit; often a component of a melody.
A series of tones in ascending or descending order; may present the notes of a key.
The deliberate upsetting of the meter or pulse through a temporary shifting of the accent to a weak beat or an offbeat.
A rhythmic group or unit that contains a fixed number of beats, divided on the musical staff by bar lines.
A short melodic, rhythmic, or harmonic pattern that is repeated throughout a work or a section of one.
The overall shape of a melodic line. It can move upward, downward, or remain static.
Solemn; very, very slow
The rate of speed or pace of music.
The high point in a melodic line or piece of music, usually representing the peak of intensity, range, and dynamic.
The line, or tune, in music / a succession of single tones or pitches perceived by the mind as a unity.
A musical symbol denoting pitch and duration.
Restatement of an idea or motive at a different pitch level.
Texture in which two or more voices (or parts) elaborate the same melody simultaneously, often the result of improvisation.
Moderately loud.
The highness or lowness of a tone, depending on the frequency.
Very soft.
A type of polyphonic composition in which one musical line strictly imitates another at a fixed distance throughout.
A common chord type consisting of three pitches built on alternate tones of the scale (e.g., steps 1-3-5, or do-mi-sol).
Very fast.
Concordant or harmonious combination of tones that provides a sense of relaxation and stability in music.
An accompanying melody sounded against the principal melody.
The organization of rhythm in time; the grouping of beats into larger, regular patterns, notated as measures.
A resting place in a musical phrase; music punctuation.
A short melodic or rhythmic idea; the smallest fragment of a theme that forms a melodic-harmonic-rhythmic unit.
Two or more melodic lines combined into a multi-voiced texture, as distinct from monophonic.
A combination of tones that sounds discordant and unstable, in need of resolution.

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